Baku’s most exciting recurring live music venues/events

When darkness falls over sky, flickering lights from coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and basements bring life to the streets of Baku. These places offer vibrant entertainment not just for local people and but also visitors of Baku. Whether you are into jazz, or rock or punk or pop, you can still find a place…

Baku City Guide: What To Do & What To See

Baku is increasingly becoming a famous tourist destination. Recent international sport events such as Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, or 2019 UEFA Europa League Final in Baku, or UEFA EURO 2020 will bring more popularity with more tourists visiting the city. Therefore, here we list top mainstream things to do and see in downtown Baku….


Starts at 11AM everyday this tour offers a walk through the most historic sightseeing highlights of Baku Old Town (Icheri Shahar) meanwhile reflecting on Baku’s past and the transformation that brought by oil barons by turn of 20th century.


Starts daily at 1600PM
To explore social, cultural, commercial and entertainment heart of Baku City Center that labelled as “Tarqovı” and learn about exquisite stories of the cosmopolitan society.