Baku Original Walking Free Tour highlights the reflection of Baku’s past and hear about oil barons and their quest for personal glory and fame along the streets Ali&Nino used to walk in the Old City and Istiglaliyyet street  (Independence).

You will also get acquainted with social, cultural, political aspect of every-day life in Baku on the background of stories based on real life of oil barons in late 19th and early 20th century as well as soviet and modern times. You will have insight on of small medieval religious town’s transformation into cosmopolitan city. The tour ends with a free cup of local black tea at Coffee Moffie.


– Explore oldest part of the city on 2.5 hours walking tour
– Hear legends about prominent Oil Barons
– Understand social dynamics of city life
– Soak up the atmosphere in oldest part of city
– Romanticize streets Ali&Nino used to hang out
– Led by a local guide
– Tour ends with a free cup of traditional azerbaijani tea

Meeting Point

The tour takes place every day. However, booking is required.


1 April – 31 October

1 November – 31 March

10:30 AM & 15:00 PM

12:00 PM

Tipping:  At the end of the tour you may wish to tip the tour guide as an appreciation of services provided at the end. An appropriate tipping is around 15$ or whatever you feel comfortable leaving.

Additional Info

  • Tour is offered in English and Azerbaijani.
  • Operates in all weather conditions, except for heavy rain and freezing snow.



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