6 Döner Joints in Downtown Baku

Whether you are looking for quick and fast solution for lunch or hangover starvation after midnight or just want to taste one of most consumed local fastfood, here we list 6 mostly visited and acclaimed döner joints in city centre of Baku.

Avtosh Doner


Story goes that youngster drivers waited to have streets fully empty until early morning to go drive crazy.  They would treat themselves at this centrally located small doner joint, which is now so called ‘Avtosh Döner’ after the name given to those crazy drivers, open until very late. For some people that is one and only döner joint in the town. Their service is real quick and only take-away as there are no sit-ins. Bear in mind that their döners are little faty.

Döners from 2 azn, Drinks from 0.60 azn. Bül-Bül pr. +994553040202. No website. Open 10am-12am.

Berlin Doner

Berlin döner.  Photo via Facebook

They say that “Döners of Berlin, Germany are different kind of döners.” Berlin Döner promises you that difference of taste. Just off the Fountains Square, it locates in the corner of Nizami street next to Fisinjan restaurant. You can also treat yourself with business launch (döner, lentil soup and ayran) for just 5 azn from 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm. If you happen to pay a visit during afternoon, then you get to deal with local custom of standing in line and waiting for about 5-7 minutes.

Döners from 3.8 azn, Drinks from 1.4 azn. 1 Mizra Ibrahimov str. Open Fri-Sat: 1130am-10pm, Sun: 10am-10pm.

Bir Iki Doner

bir iki
Bir Iki Döner. Photo via

Bir Iki Döner made almost all social media talking about them when they came with cool idea of serving free döners during some of important public holidays. Their services are one of the most expensive döner joints in Baku. But still that is one of popular rebranded döner joints local people like to go. The way their serve döner is of course fancy and they have quality döner, too.

Döners from 3.8 azn, Drinks from 1 azn. Yusif Mammadeliyev str. +994124989149. Open Fri-Sat: 1130am-10pm, Sun: 1230pm-10pm.

KÖZ Tantuni Köfte Döner

koz doner

It is a Turkish restaurant with fastfood options, on the street to Seaside Promenade, a short walk from Fountains Square. It has tall transparent glass windows opening to one of the central streets with people rushing. The staff is friendly and quick to serve your order. Döner is served with soft bread. You can try tantuni, an alternative Turkish fastfood, though it spicy.

Döners from 2.8 azn, Drinks from 1 azn. M.A.Rasulzadeh str. +994124936550. Facebook: Open all day.

Ajdaha Döner

Ajdaha doner has couple joints around the city so easy to reach wherever you are in city centre. The staff is friendly and helpful. It has couple of sit-ins in a small environment but still tidy, clean and nice. What is so specific is use of local flavour such as herbs and vegetables in doners they serve but in crusty bread. However, the taste of those flavours is reflection of our everyday diet. They have doners for all kinds of customer budgets and rich, locals of foreigners.

Doners from 2.5 azn, Drinks from 1 azn. (a) Bül-Bül pr. 36B, (b)
Uzeyir Hajibayov 10. *7770 . Open 11am-11pm.

Updated 1 December 2021

Local Restaurants in Downtown Baku

If local food and Azerbaijani cuisine is an important part of your travel and you are wondering where to go and what to eat, here is a list of local restaurants and budget cafes in downtown Baku. All places locate in walking distance to main sightseeing attractions and historical sights, so you can have launch or dinner once you are done with exploring.

Firuze Restaurant


Firuze Restaurant is one of the most expensive and touristy place at Fountain Square. However it is the best in terms of local authentic Azerbaijani cuisine. It is worthy to give yourself a treat once during your visit by ordering pilaf (rice), king of all foods to Azerbaijani People.

Mains from 9-13azn. Kebabs 8azn. Tarlan Aliyarbeyov street 14. +994124939634. Open 11am-2am.

Qaynana Restaurant


Through the Double Gates (Gosha Gala Qapilari) and behind the historic twelfth century Citadel Walls locates Qayanana Restauran. That is another favorite of Baku’s high middle and high class. This would be the best place for breakfast with təndir çörəyi (tandir bread is cooked in clay oven) to start your day in the most historic part of the city in environs of medieval and oriental spirit. Mains from 8-12azn. Omlette from 4azn. Kichik Gala street, Old Town. +994704340013. Open 8am-23pm.

Fisincan Cafe Fountain


As the name suggests, this restaurant is named after pilaf, fisincan, a very specific food to Baku and its people. Located at the Fountain Square, it also has nice small terrace, a perfect place to chill out with pint of local beer, Xırdalan, during summer time in Baku. Mains from 7-11azn. Nizami Street 63. +994125949990. Open 10am-11pm.

Xəzər Kafe (Xezer)


Do not get bitterly disappointed to see expensive prices of restaurants in downtown. There are few of them offering decent service for decent prices. Xəzər Kafe is one those located centrally: a bistro – home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods but served quickly and local people are main customers. So a hidden gem for a tourist to escape being-a-tourist-in-city. Oder dogva (kind of soup) in a beer glass to become like a local. Mains from 3-5azn. Soups from 2azn. Istiglaliyyat street 53. Open 10am-23pm

Kafe Əriştə (Arishta)


Kafe Əriştə is a twin sister of Xezer Kafe in downtown Baku, 3-minute walk from Fountains Square. The concept and services are very similar, however flavor and taste of food are different. Order əriştə (arishta), the name for Azerbaijani noodle soup, or ət sousu (kind of stew) to feel vibes of this underground Baku. Mains from 3-5azn. Soups from 2azn. Abdulkarim Alizadeh street (next to Shakespeare Pub). Open 10am-23pm

Döner Plus

Doner Plus

There is another local fastfood/restaurant next to the Government House. Their menu offers such a mix of fast foods and home style slow cooked dishes: Pizza, döner and dolma. You have an option to order half-portion of mains dishes, if you’d like to taste as many as you can. To recommend a local food, try küftə to taste one of winter time favourites of country side people. Mains from 3-4azn. Soups 2azn. Azadliq Avenue 3 (around corner after busstop). +9945554643. Open 11am-7pm

Updated 15 February 2019
Baku Free Tour




Baku Old Town and Oil Heritage Walking Free Tour offers a walk through the most historic sightseeing highlights of Baku, the Fountains Square and four UNESCO sites in Old Town (Icherisheher) meanwhile reflecting on Baku’s past and the transformation that brought by oil barons and their quest for personal glory and fame.

You will also get acquainted with the social, cultural, political aspect of everyday life in Baku on the background of stories based on the real-life of oil barons in the late 19th and early 20th century as well as Soviet and modern times. You will have insight into a small medieval religious town’s transformation into a cosmopolitan city. The tour ends with a free cup of local black tea at Coffee Moffie.


  • Explore the oldest part of the city on 2.5 hours walking tour
  • Hear legends about prominent Oil Barons
  • Understand social dynamics of city life
  • Soak up the atmosphere in the oldest part of the city
  • Romanticize streets Ali&Nino used to hang out
  • Led by a local guide
  • Tour ends with a free cup of traditional Azerbaijani tea

Meeting Point: In Front of KFC/Pizza Hut at Fountains Square

The tour takes place EVERY DAY. However, booking is REQUIRED.

Start Time (s):

Everyday at 11:00 & 16:00

Tipping: This tour is entirely based on tips. How much you tip is completely up to you. You decide at the end of the tour how much you think it is worth, or what the amount is that guide deserves as an appreciation of services provided at the end.

Additional Info

  • At least two people required to run the tour.
  • Tour is offered in English and Azerbaijani.
  • Operates in all weather conditions, except for harsh weather conditions.
Baku Baku Private Tour Free Walking Tour



The Walled City of Baku (Icharisheher – Old Town) is A UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site. It reveals evidence of Zoroastrian, Sasanian, Arabic, Persian, Shirvani, Ottoman, and Russian presence in cultural continuity. The Old Town has preserved much of its 12th-century defensive walls and Maiden Tower (Giz Galasy) and may other cultural structures dating from the 7th to 6th centuries BC, to the 15th-century Shirvanshahs’ Palace is one of the pearls of Azerbaijan’s architecture.

This private walking tour will guide you through the melding of cultures that have influenced the development of the surviving Medieval Old Town over the past nine centuries.  It is a tour of an outstanding and rare example of an historic urban ensemble and architecture, which still is a living, vibrant city with residential areas with local communities.


  • Explore UNESCO World Heritage on 3 hours
  • History and Legends about Baku Old Town
  • Understand socio-cultural dynamics of Old Town
  • Best scenic spots for memorable photos
  • Soak up the atmosphere in Medieval Walled town
  • Led by local guide

DURATION: 3 hours



Group SizeGroup Price
1-5 ppl130 AZN
6-10 ppl170 AZN
11-15 ppl220 AZN
16-21 ppl270 AZN

Price includes:

  • Guided private sightseeing program;
  • A cup of tea at Coffee Moffie, a local community cafe;

Additional Info:

  • Tour is offered in English and Azerbaijani;
  • Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately;
  • Subject to confirmation within 24 hour.
Culinary Tour Food Tasting Tour



Experience Baku through its food, drink on a walking tour across both medieval and trendy streets meanwhile enjoying sights, smells and tastes of Azerbaijan cuisine and culinary culture, and conclude the tour with a wine tasting. During the 3-hour your guide will lead you in a small group of up to seven people to the six cafes and restaurants, tea house, a candy shop and wine bar in Old Town and Downtown Baku. Come on the hungry side; samples are generous and a shared meal is included. This tour is ideal for food enthusiasts who like to have an overview into Azerbaijani cuisine over three-hour walking tour.


  • Learn about local cuisine and how locals eat and drink
  • Tasting a must-have foods and drinks of local cuisine
  • Visiting 6 top café and restaurants
  • One shared meal specialty of at one spot
  • Wine tasting at one of Baku’s best wine bars
  • Guided Baku Wine Tour
  • Insider’s Guide to Baku Dining
  • Small Group experience and flexibility

What to expect?

Meet your local guide and small group up to 7 people in Fountains Square, A central location in Baku. Then, your guide will take you to top restaurants and cafes of Baku to taste selection of Azerbaijani food as specialty of the visited spot. Meanwhile hear about Azerbaijani cuisine, food and drinking culture. Also interact with your with your sommelier and guide about Azerbaijani society in general. Taste generous samples of local food at each restaurant. Visit pastry and sweet shop for best Azerbaijani desserts. Then finish the tour with wine tasting experience at one top wine bars of Baku. At the end of your experience, leave the central location with new insight into Azerbaijani culinary history, and tips for the rest of your trip.


Mon, Wed, Fri at 14:00 PM

Price per group:

Prices per group will be updated soon.

Baku Free Tour




In Baku Soviet&Modern Pop-Culture Free Tour you explore social-cultural-leasure heart of the downtown of Baku that labelled as “Tarqovı” (Nizami street) and learn about exquisite stories of love and hatred, rise and fall, happiness and tragedy, turmoil and tranquillity, contrast and harmony from confluent lifes of oil barons, Soviet times and everyday people.

You will be guided to social and cultural formation of Fountains Square (then Parapet), Nizami (then Torgovaya) and Khagani (Xəqani; then Molokanskaya) streets in Baku based on real life stories, urban legends and myths that have been developed through socialist Soviet and capitalist modern times. The tour ends with a free cup of black Azerbaijani tea at Coffee Moffie, a local coffee shop.


  • Explore downtown on 2.5 hours walking tour
  • Understand Soviet times and Pop-Culture in Baku
  • Hear about Urban legends and myths
  • Soak up atmosphere of popular culture
  • Empathize with love stories of Baku
  • Spot central pubs and cafes
  • Led by a local guide
  • Tour ends with a glass of local wine

Meeting Point: In front of Pizza Hut/KFC at Fountains Square

The tour takes place every day except for SUNDAYS. However, booking is required.


Tipping: This tour is entirely based on tips. How much you tip is completely up to you. You decide at the end of tour how much you think it is worth, or  what the amount is that guide deserves as an appreciation of services provided at the end.

Additional Info

  • At least two people required to run tour.
  • Tour is offered in English and Azerbaijani.
  • Operates in all weather conditions, except for harsh weather conditions.
Baku Baku Day Trip



Visit UNESCO World Heritage site at Gobustan National Park to eyewitness culture of prehistoric humans depicted on Rock as rock-art representation, and Gobustan Mud volcanoes in Dashgil to explore surface similar to one on the Moon as anomalic geological processes in exuding mud volcanoes and Bibi Heybat Mosque, a historic mosque with cultural and social value.

Afterwards we visit a castle-like hindu-zoroastrian pilgrimage site of Ateshgah (fire temple) Temple from XVIII-XIX century, Oil fields and ‘nodding donkey’ (oil pump) of Ramana village, ever-lasting fire at Yanardag (fire mountain) and later 15 minutes photo-shooting of Heydar Aliyev Centre.


Gobustan Rock-Art Museum, Gobustan Mud volcanoes in Dashgil and Bibi Heybat Mosque, Ateshgah and Yanardag are the attractions to visit.


Overall duration of the tour is about 8-9 hours. It also involves 240 km driving in total.


  • Private tour with a local guide
  • Pick up and drop off in the city centre/hotel
  • Transport service with AC
  • Entrance tickets to sights
  • 0.5L bottled water
  • NOTE:  Mud Volcanoes are inaccessible in a rainy day.


  • Entry to Heydar Aliyev Center
  • Lunch


  • 1 person: 250 azn
  • 2 people: 160 azn/per person
  • 3 people: 130 azn/per person
  • 4 people: 120 azn/per person
  • 5 and more people: 90 azn/per person
Baku Baku Free Tour



В Баку самая древняя часть истории культуры  и социальной жизни является Ичери Шехер (старый город). Вы гуляя по узким улочкам Ичери Шехера попадете на Восток и построенном в архитектурном стиле здания и одновременно можете увидеть самые знаменитые места из Советских фильмов.
Особенности прогулки:
-Двухчасовая часовая пешая прогулка по узким улочкам Ичери Шехера
-История Ичери Шехера
-Социальная жизнь в древнем Баку
-Самые красивые Восточные архитектурные здания
-Места где были сняты Советские фильмы
-Местный гид

Другая важная информация:

Прогулка организована пешком.

-Место встречи: Перед KFC/Pizza Hut на Площадь Фонтанов (собирайтесь вокруг гида с красным зонтиком)

-Время начала: 10:00 утра

-Язык общения: русский

-Цена: 30 AZN

Бронирование для участия является обязательным.