Walking Tours in Baku

Themed free and private walking tours, food&drinks experiences, day trips all about culture, heritage, history, cuisine and entertainment in Baku!

Themed Walking Tours

Baku Old Town&Oil Heritage Free Tour

Explore the most historic highlights of Baku Old Town and urban stories on local oil-baron legacy in Istiglaliyyat street.

Baku Downtown Tour

Baku Soviet&Pop-Culture Free Tour

Discover emblematic highlights of the central streets of Baku with intriguing stories about Soviet Time and Popular Culture.

Baku Old Town

Old Town Private Walking Tour

Ultimate tour to Baku’s UNESCO Site, the Medieval walled Old Town, with history and legends over 3 hours of private walking tour.

Baku Oil Heritage Tour

Baku Oil Heritage Private Walking Tour

Make the most of your time in Baku with the city’s history and culture over oil heritage during three-hour private walking tour.

Culinary Experiences

Experience Baku through its food, drink on a walking tour across both medieval and trendy streets meanwhile enjoying sights, colours, smells and tastes of Azerbaijani cuisine!

Tours to Gobustan & Absheron

Ateshgah and Yanardag Tour with stop at Heydar Aliyev Center

Explore a Hindu-Zoroastrian pilgrimage site of Ateshgah (fire) Temple, Oil fields of Ramana village, ever-lasting fire at Yanardag (fire mountain) in a half-day trip.


Gobustan Petroglyphs Museum and Mud Volcanos Tour

Explore UNESCO World Heritage site at Gobustan National  Park and culture of prehistoric humans on rock-art, and moon-like surface at mud volcano in a half-day trip..


Day Trip to Khinalug, Guba, Highest mountain Village

Visit Azerbaijan’s highest mountain village, Khinalug (2360m) with indigenous people and Red Town in Quba, the last stronghold of Mountain Jews in Caucasus.


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Customized Azerbaijan Tours and Trips

Book a unique city tours at a great price! Baku Food Tours, Cooking Classes of Azerbaijan Cuisine and hiking&trekking tours to the highest mountain villages in Azerbaijan.

Baku Cooking Class

Cooking Class with Family

Meet local family and learn how to cook one of most essential Azerbaijani dish in local neighbourhood in a private apartment.

Mud Volcano in Gobustan

Gobustan & Absheron Trip

This tour is ideal for short-time visitor to explore Gobustan, Mud Volcanoes, Ateshgah and Yanardag combined in a day trip.

3-Day Hiking&Trekking Tour

Azerbaijan’s Caucasus Mountains on 3-day tour to remotes villages of Guba meanwhile trekking and hiking via historic trails.

Baku Free Tour

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