Baku’s most exciting recurring live music venues/events

When darkness falls over sky, flickering lights from coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and basements bring life to the streets of Baku. These places offer vibrant entertainment not just for local people and but also visitors of Baku. Whether you are into jazz, or rock or punk or pop, you can still find a place to socialize with local people under pulsating melodies of your favourite music. Here we list local places where Baku’smost exciting recurring live music events happen.

Coffee Moffie: Piano and Wine Nights

Photo: Coffee Moffie Facebook

Coffee Moffie is a movie themed local coffee shop in downtown Baku, across the Fountains Square. It is a cafe of little bits of everything: kind of common space where you can meet people with various social backgrounds (entrepreneurs) or simply sit over a cup of cappuccino. On Fridays, meet your friends over glass of wine listening to live piano covers of Azerbaijani music before heading out to main night-out places.

Drinks from 3 azn. Islam Safarli street 9. +994509641880. Open Mon-Sun: 8:30am-12am. Live music on Fri.

Etud Cafe&bar: Jazz from Basement

Photo: Etud Cafe and Bar Facebook

Here you dive into Baku’s night life by socialising while tasting local beer or cocktails. Although it’s been gone for long, this underground place attempts to bring the nostalgia of Soviet Baku with live jazz jam sessions. It will give thrilling vibes to experience classic jazz, ethno jazz (remix of classic jazz with local folkloric music), soul jazz and funky parties on weekends.

Drinks from 3 azn. Islam Safarli street 23. +994507666690. Open Mon-Sun: 4pm-2am. Live music on Tue&Wed.

The Pheonix Pub: Rock Ballads of 80s and 90s

Photo: Pheonix Pub Facebook

On a normal day, you go there to play pool with strangers. But on weekend, the pool table turns into a dance floor under the greatest guitar music of 80s and 90s. That would be your Rock n’ Roll Friday night out. Although a small place and packed on weekends, it has gotten vibes and people you might like on weekends.

Drinks from 3 azn. Yusif Məmmədəliyev street 10. +994507431751. Open Mon-Sun: 4pm-2am. Live music on Fri&Sat.

Moon Blue Jazz Club: Everyday is Jazz

Photo: Moon Blue Jazz Club Facebook

Located in heart of Baku, Icheri Sheher – Old Town, it is coined as a reminiscence of La La Land in Baku. It has nice ambience and presents classic, modern and ethno jazz music interpreted by contemporary local jazzmen. Although services are reported as laggish, the experience of live music and local wine blend very well overall.

Drinks from 7 azn. Icheri Sheher, Kichik Qala 26 +994504645113. Open Mon-Sun: 1pm-10pm. Live music everyday.

Open Mic Baku

Photo: Open Mic Baku Facebook

Open Mic is not a place but an event. It uses various popular places to bring people together who can sing. The principle is as simple as if you have a guitar and can sing a song, then bring it on. You can join the community to celebrate music holiday for couple of hours. Follow their page on Facebook to find out venues it is happening every month.

Le Chateau Music Bar: Hipsters’ music

Photo: Le Chateau Music Bar Facebook

An alternative environment of people with black cloths, long beard and tatoos meanwhile listening to live music of rock, pop, hip-hop or punk in underground atmosphere. Those people are of different social strata in a positive sense. Still one gets chance to socialize with local people over one of the cheapest beers in the city.

Drinks from 2 azn. Islam Safarli steet 10. +994557243954. Open Mon-Sun: 4pm-10pm. For live music see the Facebook page.

In Club: Underground techno club

Photo: iN Club Facebook

Since its inception in 2015, iN sets the bar in bringing up Baku’s electronic club culture. This alternative recreation breaks stereotypes and changes night life. Now running the club from abandoned Soviet factory of Valuable Papers it gathers more 400 people attenting their events. Both international and local artists offer best of electronic techno music in the city. All has been said nicely, please follow their dress code rules to get iN Club.

Drinks from 5 azn. Jeyhun Salimov 18A. +994506880813.

updated: 11 March 2020