Local Restaurants in Downtown Baku

If local food and Azerbaijani cuisine is an important part of your travel and you are wondering where to go and what to eat, here is a list of local restaurants and budget cafes in downtown Baku. All places locate in walking distance to main sightseeing attractions and historical sights, so you can have launch or dinner once you are done with exploring.

Firuze Restaurant


Firuze Restaurant is one of the most expensive and touristy place at Fountain Square. However it is the best in terms of local authentic Azerbaijani cuisine. It is worthy to give yourself a treat once during your visit by ordering pilaf (rice), king of all foods to Azerbaijani People.

Mains from 9-13azn. Kebabs 8azn. Tarlan Aliyarbeyov street 14. +994124939634. Open 11am-2am.

Qaynana Restaurant


Through the Double Gates (Gosha Gala Qapilari) and behind the historic twelfth century Citadel Walls locates Qayanana Restauran. That is another favorite of Baku’s high middle and high class. This would be the best place for breakfast with təndir çörəyi (tandir bread is cooked in clay oven) to start your day in the most historic part of the city in environs of medieval and oriental spirit. Mains from 8-12azn. Omlette from 4azn. Kichik Gala street, Old Town. +994704340013. Open 8am-23pm.

Fisincan Cafe Fountain


As the name suggests, this restaurant is named after pilaf, fisincan, a very specific food to Baku and its people. Located at the Fountain Square, it also has nice small terrace, a perfect place to chill out with pint of local beer, Xırdalan, during summer time in Baku. Mains from 7-11azn. Nizami Street 63. +994125949990. Open 10am-11pm.

Xəzər Kafe (Xezer)


Do not get bitterly disappointed to see expensive prices of restaurants in downtown. There are few of them offering decent service for decent prices. Xəzər Kafe is one those located centrally: a bistro – home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods but served quickly and local people are main customers. So a hidden gem for a tourist to escape being-a-tourist-in-city. Oder dogva (kind of soup) in a beer glass to become like a local. Mains from 3-5azn. Soups from 2azn. Istiglaliyyat street 53. Open 10am-23pm

Kafe Əriştə (Arishta)


Kafe Əriştə is a twin sister of Xezer Kafe in downtown Baku, 3-minute walk from Fountains Square. The concept and services are very similar, however flavor and taste of food are different. Order əriştə (arishta), the name for Azerbaijani noodle soup, or ət sousu (kind of stew) to feel vibes of this underground Baku. Mains from 3-5azn. Soups from 2azn. Abdulkarim Alizadeh street (next to Shakespeare Pub). Open 10am-23pm

Döner Plus

Doner Plus

There is another local fastfood/restaurant next to the Government House. Their menu offers such a mix of fast foods and home style slow cooked dishes: Pizza, döner and dolma. You have an option to order half-portion of mains dishes, if you’d like to taste as many as you can. To recommend a local food, try küftə to taste one of winter time favourites of country side people. Mains from 3-4azn. Soups 2azn. Azadliq Avenue 3 (around corner after busstop). +9945554643. Open 11am-7pm

Updated 15 February 2019